In the mid 1940's as the second world war drew to a close, Italians Ferdinando Innocenti and Enrico Piaggio designed the Lambretta and Vespa as a means to aid the population with their transportation crisis. Both designs featured low production cost, were inexpensive to maintain and offered better weather protection than motorcycles.

By the mid 50's, thousands had rolled off the production lines, became popular all over Europe and were synonymous with freedom, agile exploitation of space and easier social relationships. Scooters were not only used as everyday transport but also for sport - sprinting, hill climbing, gymkhana and racing.

Mods in the 60's chose Italian scooters as a clean and stylish way of getting around, often meeting in numbers on bank holiday weekends at seaside resorts. A well known film released in the late 70's helped not only revive the Mod scene, but people's interest in scooters as well. The number of organised scooter rallies increased steadily over the 80's and 90's and are still going strong to this day with events being organised all over the world.

Vespa's and Lambretta's have been joined within the past couple of years by the more modern automatic scooters such as the Runner, Dragster and GT which are proving popular with rally going scooterists.

A picture says a thousand words, and there are plenty of pictures here for you to look at, so sit back, click away and enjoy the SCOOTER SCENE, past and present through the lens of a camera.

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